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It's 2020 and my 9th book is available on Amazon.  I'm super excited about having it published.  Zombie Apocalypse at the Inn.  It's the first in a series.  Not sure how many will be in the series.  I'm thinking seven.  Zombie Apocalypse at the Inn is available only in paperback on Amazon.com.  Zombie Apocalypse at the Inn is about a group of strangers stuck in a hotel surrounded by zombies.  There is no one to come rescue them.   They have to work together to fight off the zombies and search for food when their limited supply starts to run out.

My 8th book is now published. The new book is titled Adventures of Josh and Kevin. Its about the adventures that the two young boys.  The young boys let their imaginations get them into a little bit of trouble.  It is available on Amazon.com as and book and a paperback.

In January 2018 I published my 7th book.  It's titled Dying to Feel Better.  It is a teenage book about teenage suicide.  Just before their senior year of high school, Melonie commits suicide.  Her friends are devastated and try to cope with the loss.  It is available on Amazon.com as an e-book and a paperback.

Criminal Company was published by Wings epress. It also available on Amazon.com. When Holly Andrews gets a job working for the Griffins she has no idea what she is in for. There are so many secrets and lies. After meeting Eli Griffin, the son, she thinks he is the sexiest man alive. She has no idea what kind of illegal activities he is involved with. Then there is Natalie Griffin who only cares about money and what she can get. She gets a man named Wes to help steal money from her parents, but Eli finds out. Just as Eli and his friends are about to kill her, Wes comes in with a gun pointed at Holly’s head.

My other titles were published by Publish America. The company went out of business so the books are no longer in print. I have a limited number of copies that are available by contacting me. I'm looking into making some changes to them and republishing them.

Bathroom Stranger: Tim Thompson isn’t the kind of guy you would like to meet. He drinks, smokes, lies, steals, cheats. He is a rapist and murderer. After having a re-occurring nightmare about his mother’s death, he sets out to find her killer. In the process, he meets Alexandria, and everything changes. She is beautiful and he falls in love, but she has no clue who he really is. What will happen when she finds out? Will he change for her?

Deadly Dance: A group of strangers from out of town come to a small town. At the gas station they get invited to the dance by the gas station attendant. Things go terribly wrong at the dance.

Secret Past: Melissa has a secret. She accidentally killed someone. Only a few friends who were there know. Melissa moves away and makes new friends to try and forget the past. On the anniversary of the accident, Roger wants revenge and decides to hunt Melissa down. He finds her at a place called the Marsh with new a group of new friends and tries to get his revenge.

The Digby Lake Killer: A group of friends head to the lake to hang out. Things terribly wrong when they bump into a killer who is lurking in the woods just off of the trail.

Wallet of Death: Maggie loses her wallet in an alley one night after witnessing a murder.She has no idea that the killer found the wallet until pictures that had been in her wallet get left behind for her to find. The person in the picture, winds up dead.

Zombie Apocalypse at the Inn

Available in paperback on Amazon.com

Dying to Feel Better By Naomi Chapman Available as an e-book or paperback on Amazon.com


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My early six books are Wallet of Death, Digby Lake Killer, Secret Past, Deadly Dance, Criminal Company and Bathroom Strangler.  These books can be ordered by contacting me.  Most of them can be found on Amazon.com as well.

I finished writing part 2 for Wallet of Death.  I still have to edit it.  I'm working on a novel titled Charlie and will be publishing a young adult book on Amazon very soon.  I'm planning to do a series of 5-7 zombie novels.

My author page on Amazon is:  Amazon.com/author/naomichapman



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